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Choosing a Lawncare Service

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A lawncare service can make your life a lot easier. For a growing segment of the population, letting the professionals take care of the drudgery of lawn and yard maintenance is very popular. The skilled professionals of a lawncare service know precisely how to make any lawn look perfect.

Among the tasks a lawncare service performs is mowing grass, edging, trimming hedges, shrubs and tending the garden. Some lawncare companies also provide services such as fertilizing, spreading dirt and installing irrigation systems. In recent years many lawncare services have instituted organic gardening practices to limit the amount of chemical fertilizer and pesticides they use.

Lawncare services charge homeowners for the labor and materials they use for the job. The costs can vary widely, from $25-$30 per week for a small lawn and edging, to much more for a larger lawn with gardens.

If you’re in the market for a lawncare service, a good place to start is asking neighbors who have their lawns professionally serviced. Your neighbors can tell you which companies work in your area, how they perform and how much they charge. You could also ask area garden supply stores, which sometimes keep a reference list of lawncare and landscaping services.

Before hiring a company, decide the tasks you want it to perform. If you’re just looking for basic service such as lawn mowing and edging, make sure you and the lawncare service are on the same page so you don’t wind up paying for more than you want.

Inquire about the lawncare service’s work schedule. Will they come weekly? Twice a month? Do they service many other lawns in your neighborhood? By having a large number of clients in the same area, a lawncare service might be able to reduce travel costs and pass the savings to you. Ask about the service’s pay schedule. Will you have to sign a contract? Or can you cancel the service whenever you choose?

Check the company’s background and professional qualifications. A reputable company will gladly supply you with the qualifications of its workers. Some lawncare services are also affiliated with large, national companies.

Finally, make sure the company is licensed and insured. Not all states require lawncare services to be licensed, but some do.

A professional lawncare service will cost you more than if you mow and edge your own lawn. But remember, it’s the convenience you’re paying for. And for many busy homeowners, the convenience a lawncare service provides is worth the cost.

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