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What Lawn Services Do

Locally Rated Landscape Contractors in your Area
Landscaping Estimates, Customer Reviews, Profile Info & More!

Lawn services are very popular in summertime, when the weather is warm, and when many people nationwide are taking advantage of it by going on vacations and getaways. While your away, what better way to make sure your homes exterior surroundings remain just the way you like it than by hiring lawn services service to help maintain or upgrade your lawn. Even if you are staying around home for summer, lawn services can do a number of useful tasks that can help you cut down on your yard work and enjoy your yard more.

What do Lawn Services Do?

One of the first services many lawn services offer is basic mowing of their customers yards. Mowing can be performed in a variety of ways, including using a push mower, a riding lawn mower, or with the use of a zero-turn lawn mower that allows the mower to turn 180 degrees at any given moment and that allows for mowing around very tight quarters. Lawn services rake up the mowed grass debris as well, although often a hose is connected to the mower that blows all the grass into a bag on the mower. Along with the cleanup comes the picking up of any other type of debris, including twigs or branches from trees, garbage, glass, etc.

Another service lawn services offer is trimming around sidewalks or patios as well as trimming of the shrubs and hedges around the house. For trimming around walkways and areas of high activity, a weed whacker is used to get into small areas that a mower simply cannot. For the shrubs and hedges, a bush trimmer is used to go over the plant and sculpt it the way the customer desires, or just to maintain a clean look and prevent an overgrowth from occurring. As with the lawn, a cleanup is necessary after this as well, which involves mostly just raking up the debris and piling it into a garbage bag.

Power blowing is also one of the many services that you'll get when you hire lawn care services. The walkways will be power blown, clearing them of any and all debris. The patios, driveways, deck areas, etc. will all be blown as well, leaving a very clean and finished look.

The typical costs for lawn services depend on how large the property is, how many obstacles such as trees, swingsets, swimming pools, etc. are on the property, and the amount of time it will take to perform the duties. Obviously with mowing and trimming, using gas powered equipment is a key, and gas costs money, so the lawn services will charge accordingly. Usually, half an acre can cost anywhere from $20-40. With trimming, a few things come into play. The first is how many shrubs, and hedges the customer has, and how long it's been since they've been trimmed. An average ranch house with shrubs and hedges on all sides can cost anywhere from $200-400 for bush trimming by lawn services.

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