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Lawn Installation

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There are several reasons why someone might need to install a new lawn. He may want a new look with a different type of grass. Maybe the grass isn’t an ideal breed for the climate in his region, and it needs to be replaced with a type that will do better. Or the lawn could simply have fallen into such a poor condition that the best thing to do is tear it up and start over from scratch. When it comes to new lawn installation, you have the choice of either planting grass seed or laying down sod.

No matter if you choose to go with grass seed or sod, you must first till the lawn to a depth of about four inches. If you are like most people and don’t own a tiller, many machinery shops will have them available for rent. The tiller will turn over all the dirt in your yard, or you can till it yourself by hand. Tilling by hand is fine for a small area, but if you are doing an entire lawn installation you will almost certainly want to use a machine.

Grass seed

Once your yard has been tilled you can then spread your grass seed. Again, you can either opt to do it by hand or with a spreader. Just like with the tiller, spreading by hand works well for small areas, but for a full lawn a spreader is the best way to distribute your grass seed. A spreader will give you an even distribution of grass seed, rather than bunching them up. If you have too much grass seed in a small area you may end up with a patchy lawn once your grass grows in.

With grass seed you also have plenty of options regarding the breed of grass. There are so many hybrid strains available now that you can surely find the one that will grow the best in your area and provide the look you want. You may need to consult with a lawn professional to find the exact right seed for your lawn installation.


Sod is basically a thin slice of earth that has grass growing in a layer of soil. All you have to do is lay them down in your yard. Sod is more expensive than grass seed, but because the grass has already formed, it is much easier for the sod to take hold.

Once you have installed your new sod or grass seed, you must keep it watered sufficiently for the first few weeks to make sure your new grass takes root and develops into the lawn you are looking for.

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