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What are Lawn Aerator Shoes?

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In time, the soil underneath a lawn can become compacted and depleted of oxygen. Grass roots with limited access to oxygen can wither and eventually the grass will die. Aerating the lawn will introduce oxygen and moisture into the soil, but are lawn aerator shoes the best choice for lawn aeration?

The Mechanics Behind Lawn Aerator Shoes

Lawn aerator shoes are thick and hard flat strap-on shoes with spikes on their bottoms. The idea behind the shoes is an easy-to-use method of aeration; simply strap on the shoes and walk around the yard. The spikes creature small punctures in the yard and ideally air and water will be introduced into the holes to rejuvenate lawn soil.

Do Lawn Aerator Shoes Work?

Whether or not lawn aerator shoes really work is debatable. The spikes on the shoes may end up tearing fragile grass species – such as tall fescue – and the spikes are so small that proper aeration of the soil may not be achieved. Added to those problems, aerator shoes may actually compact the soil which can worsen oxygen depleted soil conditions. Shoes may also be an impractical tool for aeration on large yards, but they could possibly work for small patches of lawns such as on garden boarders or walkways.

An alternative aeration tool is an aeration core machine which mechanically pulls out small plugs of grass and soil. These machines are extremely effective aerators and they can be used over a large expanse of lawn. Aeration machines though are heavy duty machines, and it may be best to hire a lawn care specialist to aerate your lawn instead of doing it yourself.

Cautions for Lawn Aerator Shoes

Consumers who have used lawn aerator shoes to aerate their lawn have reported injuries with the use of these shoes. The shoes themselves are heavy and large and women or teenagers with smaller feet can have difficulties keeping the shoes on, and when the shoes slip off they can tip over and injure feet; the shoes may also become stuck in the grass and cause sprained ankles or stubbed toes. If you have decided to use shoes for lawn aeration, make sure you secure the straps tightly and walk slowly in the shoes.

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