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What Lasik Costs


Lasik costs a lot, but many think it's more than worth it. Lasik eye surgery is a procedure that changes your vision permanently, so you no longer need to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses. Lasik costs can differ widely between doctors, so don't automatically think lasik surgery is out of the question. Costs depend on a number of factors, from the doctor's experience to the amount of equipment they use, so check out several doctors before you choose your lasik eye surgeon. Remember that any price your doctor gives you is for one eye, so the cost will double if you're having both eyes done.

What are Average Lasik Costs?

An industry report found that the average cost for lasik throughout the industry was $2,150 for all types of laser eye surgery, including lasik. If your doctor doesn't use the wavefront analysis tool that helps guide the laser, the average cost is about $1,580 for the surgery. Doctors that have the wavefront tool typically charge $2,170 for the surgery (remember, that's the cost for one eye only). The wavefront technology is superior because it analyzes your eye and ensures a much more reliable surgery. Watch out for doctors that advertise unusually low prices for their surgery. Normally, only a handful of patients will qualify for these super low prices, because most people require vision correction that is much more extensive, and they need more after-surgery follow up, too.

Average Costs Have Dropped

In a world where prices only seem to be going up, up, up, the industry study found that lasik prices have actually held steady or even gone down. More people are settling for glasses or contacts instead of the surgery, so you may be able to find some bargains if your shop around the lasik eye surgeons in your area. The wavefront procedures dropped over $200 according to the study, and if the economy continues to spiral, they could drop even lower. As this and other technologies take hold, doctors have begun to stop charging extra for them, and this can save you some money, too. More good news about lasik costs, fewer doctors are charging the high end of the average prices, and more are charging the average prices.

Don't base your choice of doctors on lasik costs alone. Make sure you look into your doctor's background, experience, and ask about his or her results before you choose your lasik eye doctor. That way you'll find a seasoned professional that will correct your vision professionally and successfully.

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