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Labor Day Safety Tips

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Labor Day safety is the most important and most overlooked part of any end of summer bash. While no one Labor Day activity is particularly unsafe, the combination of crowds, alcohol, increased travel and being around water can add an element of danger to your holiday plans. By thinking about safety and taking the necessary precautions, your Labor Day can be as safe as it is fun.

Labor Day Safety around Water

Whether you’re spending the day at the lake or your own swimming pool, Labor Day safety is critical. Make sure young or inexperienced swimmers have floatation devices or life vests to use while in or around the water. When taking children to a boating lake, make sure they understand which areas are for boats and which areas are for swimming or floating on rafts.

If children are being difficult, turn safety into a game and hold drills for things like who can get into their life vest the fastest.

Labor Day Safety on the Road

No matter where you’re going, Labor Day safety on the road is an area you can’t afford to ignore because people die during holiday travel each year. To stay safe on the road, try to avoid distractions as best you can. Even if you’d normally be able to eat a snack or take a cell phone call while driving, it’s best to avoid these things during peak holiday travel times. More people on the road often increase the accident potential for an otherwise safe driver.

Labor Day Safety at Home

You’re not immune from Labor Day safety even when spending the holiday at home. Be sure to keep heavy food items away from the edge of counters and tables, as a falling watermelon has the potential to cause a nasty bruise – if not worse – to your foot in addition to making mess on the floor. It’s also a smart idea to instruct children to stay away from the grill while you barbeque. Not paying attention while playing can lead to cuts, bruises or burns.

General Labor Day Safety Tips

Remember, even if you aren’t a drinker, chances are good that someone else on the road or at the lake is. As the afternoon goes on, become more conscientious of those around you. It only takes a second for someone with impaired judgment to veer into your lane on the highway or enter the swimming area of the lake with their jet ski. While being paranoid isn’t a part of Labor Day safety, staying aware is.

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