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Koi Pond Designs

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If you're looking to add a pond or water garden, then you're going to be faced with an endless array of koi pond designs to choose from. Your pond should be a reflection of your lifestyle and should be as low maintenance and easy to maintain as you need it to be. Therefore, choosing the right koi pond designs is key to getting the most enjoyment out of your pond.

Koi Pond Designs

One of the most popular koi pond designs involves installing your koi pond at an angle. Angled ponds make great use of cement, complete with angular lines, to form a crisp, clean look. Clean lines can help balance out aquatic life in the pond, and the lush plant life outside can create a fresh, appealing look.

Another idea is an informal pond. These are characterized by natural looking stones, dense plant life, and sandy bottoms. They have a very natural look, with sloping sides, making it look even more like a real-life pond.

Waterfall ponds, as the name suggests, feature a running waterfall. The waterfall is the centerpiece of the pond. When planning to build a waterfall pond, two things need to be looked at carefully; the pool below where the water will be flowing into and the structure for the waterfall, which is harder to construct. Many people build the waterfall from rock, which can help make the pond appear more natural. Once the pond liner and waterfall slope is constructed, a pump will be put inside the pond that will keep the water circulating from the pond back up to the base of the waterfall.

Waterfall ponds can come in many different shapes and sizes. The main point to consider is the height of your waterfall. A lot of times, an artificial or existing slope on the property can be used to create this elevated area beside the koi pond. A liner also must be laid down on the ground between the base of the waterfall and the pond, in order to corral the flowing water. You can simply place a heavy rock or boulder on top of it to keep it in place if you want it to look more natural.

Another idea is a multi-layered natural pond. For example, your pond could have water traveling from high up, running down over rocks, and down into the pond- you will either need to create a man-made hill or slope to do this, or use a natural sloped area in your yard. A natural pond is reflective of a home-owner's desire to build a pond that fits right into the natural landscape that already exists on their property.

The right koi pond designs depend on the area you have to work with and the size of your bond. Speak with your landscape designer about the koi pond designs that will work best for you.

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