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Kitten Sneezing

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A sneezing kitten may be having an allergic reaction, but chances are that a respiratory infection is the culprit of this symptom. If you have noticed kitten sneezing symptoms in your feline friend, here are a few tips which can help you to distinguish between kitten allergies and a possible respiratory infection.

Signs of a Developing Respiratory Infection

You should suspect a respiratory infection as the cause of a sneezing kitten if you notice these additional symptoms:

  • Discharge around the nose or eyes
  • Lethargy
  • Lack of appetite
  • Unkempt appearance
  • A slight fever may also occur at the onset of a respiratory infection. Use a digital thermometer to take your kitten’s temperature. If the thermometer reading is above a normal kitten temp of 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit , your kitten has an infection.

Take your kitten to a veterinarian immediately if you see any of these respiratory infection symptoms.

Kittens at Risk for Respiratory Infections

If you have recently adopted your kitten from a pet store, classified ad, rescue group or humane society than your kitten is at increased risks for respiratory infections. It can take more than a week for symptoms from a respiratory infection to appear, so even if your kitten seemed healthy when you brought it home it is possible that the kitten already had the infection.

It is best to see a veterinarian right away if kitten sneezing symptoms develop in your newly adopted kitten even if no other symptoms are present.

Kitten Allergies

In some cases, kitten sneezing symptoms may occur from allergies to dust, household chemicals and even cat litter, and kittens who have flattened facial features – such as Persians – may be more sensitive to respiratory allergies.

If your kittens symptoms are caused by an allergy, you may notice the sneezing only occurs at certain times of the day or that it is associated with an action – such as right after using the litter box or right after you clean the house.

In addition to sneezing, allergies in kittens may cause symptoms such as excessive licking, scratching and hair loss around the ears and base of the tail. Even if you suspect that kitten sneezing symptoms are the result of an allergy, it is still best to see your veterinarian as soon as possible.

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