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Ideas for Kitchen Window Coverings

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When evaluating ideas for kitchen window coverings, keep a few important things in mind. There has been a revolution in the variety of window coverings available for home use, but some basic rules still apply.

Keep it light. Window treatment trends are moving away from heavy, ornate, and structured looks to a more lightweight, streamlined appearance. This is good because it's a style that's less fabric driven and more focused on creativity.

Evaluate your exposure. If your kitchen is naturally dark, with a northern facing window or a window that's obstructed by another building or tall tree, add a minimal window treatment. A sheer, light colored valance or even just a decorative collection of bottles at the top of the window frame will be enough to create interest and still let in as much light as possible.

If you have a window that lets in too much light, as in a southern facing window that's heating up the area around a refrigerator and making it use more energy than necessary, consider adding wooden shades. Wood or synthetic shades will block the light and some of the heat entering the window, but you can still get great light by fully opening them in the morning or on cloudy days.

Don't forget size. If size is an issue in your kitchen, adjusting your window treatments is an easy and practical way to trick the eye into thinking you have more of what you lack. Light window treatments in a small kitchen will make the space look larger, especially if you have dark cabinetry, while dark window treatments, like wood blinds, will make an oversized kitchen seem smaller and friendlier.

Explore different textures. Take ideas for kitchen window coverings from the textures in your kitchen and adjoining rooms. A nubby couch fabric, arrangement of dried flowers, or collection of landscape prints will all offer clues about the types of textures and themes that will work in the rest of your home. If you have a country or southwestern theme, many of the textures of nature can be introduced by adding natural elements, like rope or stones, to valances. Bamboo and rattan shades also provide textural elements that can bring out the best in a window without interfering with the design of adjacent tiles or countertops.

Add some curves. Kitchens can look boxy with all those built-ins and appliances. To add a graceful note to the decor, incorporate a Roman pouf, a more romantic version of the Roman shade that uses soft gathers at the bottom to create curves and added softness. You can also try a scalloped shade or scarf valance. A small, feminine touch may be just what you need to lighten and brighten your look.

Play with a few plaids. When evaluating ideas for kitchen window coverings, don't forget the value of plaids. Plaids can add a textural element, coordinate colors and neutralize decor that's bordering on the too feminine. Better yet, there are hundreds of plaids to choose from, some of which have a rich history that can be a conversation piece all by itself. A plaid valance or cornice will help create a tailored look and integrate beautifully with fussy wallpaper, textured ceiling effects, or heavily patterned countertops.

Ideas for kitchen window coverings are hiding where you'd least expect them, and effective kitchen window decor doesn't have to be expensive, either. Try getting inspiration from the colors in a favorite serving platter, tablecloth or area rug. To make an inexpensive treatment for a holiday or special gathering, drape napkins on-point across a curtain rod, overlapping them a little, or make an attractive arrangement of inexpensive strung beads. If you want to show off a great view of the outdoors but need some sparkle, drape a collection of prisms over the window to add focus and some drama. The kitchen is a space where you can easily inject a little drama or whimsy into your window coverings that wouldn't necessarily work in a living room or family room, so give your imagination free reign and see what happens.

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