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Kindergarten School Supplies

Preschools and Kindergartens

Kindergarten school supplies will vary from school to school. Most supply lists include pencils, crayons, scissors, glue, markers, paper, and a backpack, among other things.

Kindergarten School Supplies

Common Kindergarten school supplies include:

  • Pencils - A pack of 8 to 10 will usually be enough to get the school year started.
  • Crayons - The school will probably suggest a number kids need, but usually 24 is sufficient.
  • Scissors - These need to have a metal blade and no sharp points. Most kid's scissors will be fine.
  • Glue - Usually kids need to have two bottles or two glue sticks.
  • Markers - Most teachers want the washable kind and just one set. For kindergarten, the fat ones are often considered best.
  • Writing Paper - At least one package of paper is usually required for kindergarten kids.
  • A backpack - For Kindergarten kids, don't get a huge backpack, but instead choose one big enough for a book, notes, homework, and a lunch.
  • Erasers - Big pink or white erasers are good for little fingers and may work better than novelty shaped ones.
  • Watercolors - Some schools ask for watercolor paints, but not all do. If this is required, parents should try to get a good brand.
  • School box - Some schools take all the supplies and mix them together and the kids do not need a school box. As such, it can be a good idea for parents to wait to buy this until they know if it is needed.
  • Miscellaneous supplies can also include hand sanitizer, bags, Kleenex, wet wipes, and paper towels.

Many parents also purchase additional supplies to assist their kid's teachers. Teachers often spend a lot of their own money for supplies, since many schools do not have a large supply budget. Some ideas for supplies to provide to teachers include:

  • Toys, games, and puzzles - If parents have extra ones around the house, they can take them in and offer them to the teacher. Many teachers will have a play area or a center for manipulatives, like blocks, and they may also need games and puzzles for bad weather days when the kids stay in at recess. Puppets are also really useful for telling stories and entertaining.
  • Books- Age appropriate books are a great help to teachers, and parents may be able to find these inexpensively at garage sales or library tag sales.
  • Bags - Even if baggies are on the list, the teacher will probably need more, or perhaps need baggies in different sizes.
  • Art supplies - Parents should check with the teacher first, but many teachers would appreciate finger paints, tempera paint, or construction or drawing paper. Extra newspapers to cover the surface the kids are painting on and small plastic cups to put the paint in might also be a good donation. Also, old catalogs and magazines can be useful for cutting and pasting activities.

Parents may wish to begin shopping for kindergarten school supplies early in order to make sure kids are prepared on the first day of school.

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