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Benefits of Kids Yoga


The idea of kids yoga classes may seem novel at first thought. However, upon reviewing the many benefits cited by adult practitioners, it's easy to see why yoga for children is becoming increasingly popular. Keep reading to learn about the many benefits of kids yoga and how it can help your child's growth and development.

Kids Yoga Improves Health

Yoga is a practice that combines breathing techniques, meditation and exercise. As such, yoga has proven to be a safe and effective way to strengthen the body and improve flexibility. This results in an overall improvement in muscle and heart health that can reduce the potential for injury while playing sports or other activities. Additionally, unlike weight lifting and other harsh strength-building exercises, yoga is gentle enough to improve strength without causing excessive harm on a child's growing body.

Kids Yoga Improves Self Esteem

Yoga is challenging and mentally stimulating. Not only does this help a child build self-awareness, but it can also help build self esteem. Just as an adult finds confidence and strength through a proper yoga routine, so too do children. In the end, this confidence found through yoga can be extended beyond the yoga mat to help a child succeed in school and other areas of life.

Kids Yoga is Fun

Certainly, some parents may be worried that yoga may not engage a child's imagination long enough to be beneficial. However, that thought couldn't be farther from the truth. Yoga instructors who have experience teaching children know that there are plenty of ways to make yoga fun for children. For example, a yoga instructor might ask the kids to assume the pose of their favorite animal. This not only engages the child, it also helps build creativity skills.

Kids Yoga Teaches Self Discipline

Another benefit of kids yoga is that is helps teach self-discipline. Understanding proper meditation can help foster proper stress management so that kids learn from an early age how to deal with difficult situations. Yoga can also teach proper anger management. Additionally, the philosophies of yoga can help children better understand the benefits of patience and other virtues that are beneficial not just during childhood, but through adulthood as well.

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