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What’s Great About Local Kids Toy Stores

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Have you visited one of the many local kids toy stores out there lately? Not your run-of-the-mill big-box variety, but the mom-and-pop, corner-store types, the ones usually operated as small businesses. Most of these stores are literal treasure troves, waiting to be discovered by world-weary parents and children alike. If you haven’t checked out any local kids toy stores lately, here are some of the things you may be missing.

  1. Very kid-friendly: Many kids love going to their local toy store, and it’s not always in anticipation of what their parents might buy them. Many of these stores have sample toys out on display that visiting children are free to play with and explore. From train tables to cool new building sets, business owners will set out the newest toys on the premise of allowing them to sell themselves as well as attracting young returning customers back to the store. What results is a virtual playground for children to enjoy and the potential for some stolen moments of peaceful shopping for their parents.
  2. Good selection of natural and educational toys: Many local kids toy stores are stocked by business owners who have a personal stake and interest in their little customers. Thus, many feature a wide selection of wooden and natural fiber toys, as well as the newest educational toys and games. Many also include old-fashioned or retro toys in their selection, and some will also offer a wide variety of art materials and other creative products as well.
  3. Great customer service: Often the storekeeper at a local kids toy store is also its owner and thus has a vested interest in the customer’s experience. Since they usually also do the buying, they are often very knowledgeable as to age-appropriate selections, toy safety, current recalls, and toy popularity. They’ve probably also gotten feedback personally from other parents over the years and thus should be able to steer you in the right direction in terms of what you’re looking for and other recommendations.

Kids toy stores always present many new and wonderful things to discover. But it's the smaller local shops that often provide a more intimate setting and thus offer many additional perks for parents as well as for their children.

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