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Online Kid Game Sites

Parenting and Child Care

Finding games online and playing with other players is a common pastime for many “digital native” children. However, many online kid game sites appeal to kids with different tastes and interests. Most games online for free are mini games which take less than 8 hours to play.

Many online kid game websites offer games that feature arcade, action, adventure, puzzle, racing and sports based games. Also, many new websites may offer games that appeal to girly girls, like cooking games or fashion dolls. Some gaming sites are part of larger “kids club” world where kids interact via avatars. These avatars can resemble cartoons, either in human, animal or pet form.

Many online kid game sites are sponsored by toy or cartoon manufacturers, although some are not. Some websites are 100% free, but many require parents to spend extra money for additional features.

Finding Online Kid Game Websites

Parents can find some of these online kid game websites easily. Popular kid content providers like Cartoon Network Discovery Channel, PBS and National Geographic all have free games on their websites. Online kid game websites can also be found at,,,, and and offer boys and girls games, respectively. Parents may need to download the newest version of Shockwave or Flash software so the kids can play the games online.

Another more interactive way to play games is to join an online kids club. Some popular ones include: Dizzywood, Club Penguin, Whyville, Toon Town and Barbiegirls. Many of these sites allow kids to create an avatar and interact within a virtual world, including games. Parents should be aware that some of these sites do allow chatting and make sure they monitor their kids actions. Also, some online kids club sites do charge monthly fees for their upgraded memberships, usually under $10 a month.

Parents should always set appropriate rules and monitor younger kids when they are online. They should find sites and games which are age appropriate. Parents should also set time limits on Internet usage and schedule time for fun and active off-line activities as well.

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