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Keyless Lock Pros and Cons

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Isn't it annoying digging around your purse, briefcase or coat pocket for your keys? What about when you're in a rush and know your key ring is somewhere in the house, right where you left it, if only you could remember where that someplace is? The benefits of a keyless lock include not having to worry about those types of scenarios. But like anything that offers convenience, there's a downside, too. The following are examples of keyless lock pros and cons.

The biggest perk of a keyless lock system is convenience. No more worrying about lost keys, or about someone in your family being locked out of the house. With a keyless lock on your door, there is no need for house keys. Instead, there is a keypad located at the entry. You simply enter a code and have instant access. This is also quite convenient if you need to let someone in to do work at your home. You can give them your code, then reset it after they're finished to restore your security.

An additional feature to consider is a remote keyless lock system. This allows you to unlock your doors with the press of a button on a remote, sometimes from quite a distance which can be nice if you're coming home with tons of stuff and don't have an extra hand to spare. What's also convenient is that you can also use a key as an alternative if you like.

There are some negatives to a keyless lock, and one is if you need access in the case of an emergency. At times like this it is easy to become flustered and forget the code to let yourself or others in. And while it is unlikely, there is the possibility that your code could be guessed by an intruder. The best way to avoid this is to choose numbers or letters that are not in sequence and are not related to information that others can get or guess, like birthdays or anniversaries.

Another possible problem with a keyless lock may be in the event of a power failure. Since most keyless systems are electronic locks, your system could go down if the power goes out. A good safety measure is to be sure you have battery backup in case of such an event.

And finally, even though lost keys are a pain in the neck, a lost remote is a pain in the wallet. These devices can be quite costly to replace. So, just like those sometimes hard-to-find keys, if you have a keyless lock that uses a remote, you’ll need to keep track of all the devices.

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