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Take a Karate Lesson

Learning the martial arts, whether for self-defense, physical fitness, or personal edification is a worthwhile endeavor, and the best way to begin this pursuit is to take a karate lesson. While it is possible to gather a great deal of pertinent information by conducting in-depth research, nothing is better than actual participation.

Finding a karate teacher

Before taking a karate lesson, however, an instructor or teacher must be found. The quickest way is to use the internet or the yellow pages to find karate schools in your immediate area. Once found, either call and make an appointment, or drop by unannounced and visit the location. When speaking with the instructor ask about the school’s affiliations, and the certifications and credentials of the instructor(s). They should all be from legitimate governing bodies.

While visiting with the instructor, make a quick tour of the facilities to make sure it meets your general expectations. It may be sparse, but it should be clean and all the equipment (including the mats) in good shape. Also ask about class schedules and fees to make sure they fit your parameters.

Observe a karate class

Before you make your final decision, visit the class and observe a lesson. The instructor should be confident in his or her abilities and explain things clearly and precisely. If you are observing a class that your child will be taking, pay attention to the rapport the instructor has with the children in the class. Look for respect and cooperation from the children.

Once the lesson is over, speak with some of the students in the class. Do they like it? Do they take an interest in you, and urge you to take the class? Finally, ask their opinion of the instructor and the school.

Factor all of these variables together. If you are visiting several schools, apply a numerical value to each of these items, and rate each location using that scale. From this, you can develop a comparison chart to get a more complete view.

Take the karate plunge

The final step is to go ahead and take a karate lesson. Many schools offer a free first class, a reduced rate, or some other bonus for giving it a try. Dress in loose fitting athletic wear, take a deep breath, and set out on your new adventure. You may get a kick out of it.

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