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Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs - Tips to Help you Land a Sales Position

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Pharmaceutical sales jobs will offer secure and profitable employment as long as you work hard and learn effective sales techniques. Jobs in pharmaceutical sales are also high in demand, so you will need a competitive edge to make sure that you land the job that you want.

Duties for Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs

Duties for pharmaceutical sales jobs includes marketing pharmaceutical products, but your job will include much more than just sales; pharmaceutical reps are also expected to attend sales conventions or conferences to stay on top of new developments within their company. As a sales rep, you may also need to prepare sales reports, file expenses, schedule travel plans and locate potential clients.

Requirements for Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs

Almost all pharmaceutical sales job positions require a college degree with a strong educational background in biology, health, microbiology, chemistry, public speaking and marketing courses. Large pharmaceutical companies may hire college graduates with no prior experience, but most pharmaceutical sales positions require a college degree and a history in sales experience.

In rare instances, if you have a strong background in sales or previous experience working in the health sector you may be able to land a job as a pharmaceutical rep without a college degree. Additional requirements for pharmaceutical sales employment include:

  • A clean driving record.
  • A neat personal appearance.
  • Strong physical stamina which is needed for long and continuous travel and for lifting and carrying numerous marketing samples.
  • The ability to research the company’s products and familiarize yourself with the entire product line.

How to Find Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs

Pharmaceutical sales positions are extremely competitive and to land a job you will need to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Begin by creating a strong resume (you may want to hire professional CV and resume writing services to ensure that your resume is perfect) which emphasizes your sales experience, education and drive; you may also want to brush up on your interviewing skills before you send out your resume.

To find pharmaceutical sales jobs, check with the larger pharmaceutical companies to see if they have any positions which are currently open. You may also want to use an employment agency to send out your resume to pharmaceutical companies in your area even if they are not currently advertising an open position. If you are having difficulties landing a job in human pharmaceutical sales, consider veterinarian pharmaceutical sales positions; companies which market veterinarian pharmaceutical products offer competitive salary and benefits packages and their job openings are generally not as competitive as human pharmaceutical sales positions.

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