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Top 5 Job Sectors with Increasing Job Opportunities

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If you are trying to decide which career path to follow or you are searching for a new career which will offer steady employment in the future, consider a career in one of these top 5 job sectors which are growing fast and predicted to offer the most job opportunities – even in a sluggish economy.

1. Growing Health Care Job Opportunities

A large portion of the U.S. population is aging, and an aging population will fuel jobs in the health care sector. Just a few of the jobs in health care which may offer secure employment and continual job opportunities includes:

  • Home health care, outpatient care and home assistance
  • Health laboratory and diagnostic positions
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Health practitioner positions including physicians, nurses and aides.

2. Growing Education Job Opportunities

Our country is facing a huge need for teachers in all schools, from elementary schools to community colleges and universities, and the need for teachers will continue to grow in the future. Post-secondary professions at colleges or universities will pay the highest wages, but a career as a teacher in an elementary, middle or high school will offer secure employment and a decent income too.

3. Growing Professional Job Opportunities

Professional careers are where the jobs are, and to qualify for a job in the professional sector you will need to invest a few years in post-secondary education – but with a steady employment outlook and higher than average income your investment will definitely pay off. Professional jobs that are in growing job sectors include jobs in computer systems and computer design, scientific research, waste management, biomedical engineering, and health care jobs.

4. Growing Financial Job Opportunities

Jobs in finance are predicted to grow in a number of different professions including accounting, bookkeeping, financial management, financial advising and financial examining. If you enjoy working with numbers, it may pay to earn a four year degree – and perhaps a master’s degree - in finance to pave the way towards a secure and profitable job future.

5. Growing Service Job Opportunities

The service jobs that offer plentiful job opportunities are in the fastest growing job sectors listed above, particularly the health care industry. Health service jobs which you may be interested in include home health aids, personal aides, physical therapist aides, dental hygienists and assistants, veterinary technicians, medical assistants and occupational therapists. Other types of service jobs which are predicted to grow include fitness, training and aerobic instructors, skin care specialists and educational services (e.g. writing textbooks, tutoring).

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