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Where to Get Job Help

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Job help is available at almost every step of the job search process. It's important first to decide what type of job you are looking for - permanent or part-time - and then what field. If you are uncertain, there are job services companies that will help you with job assessment to determine your most marketable skills and what job openings that relates to.

Get Job Help Finding Employers

Whether you have decided on a full-time, part-time or temporary job, there are a number of ways to find help finding companies with job vacancies.

  • Staffing agencies. Check your local newspaper or phone book for ads from local staffing agencies. In addition, you can also search on the Internet by including your city in the search phrase. If you choose a staffing agency, you may also get help with some of the other areas of the job application process.
  • Headhunters. While staffing agencies are hired and paid by the companies looking to fill job vacancies, headhunters are job experts who work directly for the job applicant. Headhunters may specialize in different job fields, such as construction or accounting, and maintain contact with employers. Headhunters will work one-on-one with a job applicant to determine what type of job to look and help with other key areas of job help.
  • Job boards. There are many different job boards where applicants can key in a city and job area to find job openings where they live. Many large job boards, or job search engines, also provide job help with things like resumes, cover letters and job interviews. Some of the larger search engines include Monster, Career Builder, and Indeed.

Resume and Cover Letter Help

Writing a cover letter and resume are two of the most important parts of a job search. They also are two areas where many job applicants can use job help. There are many ways to get help putting together the cover letter and resume - the first impression a job applicant makes with a potential new employer.

  • Templates. The Internet is filled with sites offering templates for resumes and cover letters - many of them free. The advantage of a template is that a job applicant can find a style that looks attractive and then fills out the template with their personal information.
  • Cover letters, resumes. Many job applicants feel uncomfortable writing cover letters or resumes because they would rather rely on an expert for such an important task. Research shows that a potential employer spends 30 seconds, at most, reading either. That means an attractive, well-written cover letter and resume is critical. There are services providing job help specifically in the area of cover letters and resumes. Look for companies that are certified by one of the four or five national resume organizations.
  • Interview help. The idea here is to practice answering job interview questions to reduce the anxiety that naturally occurs in job interview situations. Job applicants can do this with friends at home without spending any money. Some job help services like search engines and staffing agencies offer help in this area. Headhunters also can spend one-on-one time preparing a job applicant for the many different types of questions that are asked during job interviews.

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