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Understanding IRS Tax Law

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For taxpayers, understanding IRS tax law is a tall order. After all, the IRS Tax Code is tens of thousands of pages long with plenty of complex rules and regulations. Fortunately, individual taxpayers have a number of sources to seek out to understand just enough of the tax code to complete their yearly tax return. Here are some of the options:

Choose a Tax Expert for Help with IRS Tax Law

There are number of different tax experts who make a living by understand the tax laws in the country and following the yearly changes to the IRS Tax Code. Taxpayers can choose one of these experts to help them file a tax return and feel comfortable that they have paid all the taxes they should, but at the same time, maximized any opportunities for lessen their tax obligation. A tax preparer is someone who prepares tax returns for a living, and may have been trained by a franchise company that offers tax preparation services in shopping centers and strip malls around the country. An enrolled agent is a person who has passed an IRS exam designed to test their ability to prepare tax returns. Enrolled agents often previously worked for the IRS and are allowed to represent clients before the IRS in the event of an audit. A tax accountant is a CPA who specialized in finances in college and has focused on tax issues in his or her accounting career. Tax accountants also can represent clients in audits.

Tax Software Programs Can Help with IRS Tax Law

By purchasing one of many available tax software programs, a taxpayer has an online assistant of sorts while filing his or her tax return. Most tax software programs include tips and advice designed to locate all possible deductions and credits. The software programs will often explain various tax laws and how that particular tax law affects the taxpayer.

Go to the IRS Website to Learn About IRS Tax Law

The IRS website,, is filled with resources to explain tax laws and offer taxpayers guidance that can help them fill out tax returns. One example is the Free File program, available at, which makes tax software programs available for free to taxpayers who earned less than $58,000 in adjusted gross income during the year. The website also highlights the most significant tax law changes for the year and has a FAQ site that answers some of the most commonly asked questions by taxpayers.

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