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What is the IRS Help Line?

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The IRS Help Line is one of many ways the government provides free information and tips for taxpayers on its website at This free assistance is offered in a number of ways - strictly online, in person or on the phone - to meet the needs of all taxpayers.

Use the IRS Help Line

Sometimes, the best way to understand something that's complicated is to have it explained by another person. The IRS recognizes this, and while there are many locations on the IRS website with online answers to different questions, there also is information on the website to access the Help Line. You may first want to listen to messages on a variety of tax topics or learn how to check the status of your refund. You can do that by calling 1-800-829-4059. If you have questions you want to ask to a trained IRS representative at the Help Line, call 1-800-829-1040.

Additional Free IRS Assistance

There are several other free forms of assistance offered by the IRS to taxpayers. Here is information on three ways to get free assistance, courtesy of the IRS.

  • IRS website. The IRS website, is designed to offer all the information a taxpayer would need to figure out the answer to a tax question or to even get a tax return prepared. The Free File service allows taxpayers with an adjusted gross income of $58,000 or less to take advantage of free tax software. Taxpayers must collect all income and other tax information for the year, along with last year's tax return, and choose a tax software company. The software program guides the taxpayer through the return, answering questions and making all necessary calculations along the way.
  • Taxpayer assistance centers. Sometimes, the only way to handle a difficult tax issue is to be able to explain it to someone face-to-face. The IRS website includes information on how to locate Taxpayer Assistance Centers where trained volunteers can answer your questions and help with your tax return.
  • Tax preparation help. If you qualify, there are community-based free tax preparation programs throughout the country. One program, operated by the AARP, has trained volunteers who help seniors 60 and older complete and file their tax returns. Other community-based organizations provide tax help for low-income taxpayers. You can find the nearest AARP location by calling 1.888.227.7669.

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