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Pros and Cons of Internet via Satellite

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Home satellite Internet is often something of a “last resort” for homeowners that want the benefits of high-speed Internet access in rural areas. In many remote areas, other broadband services like cable, DSL, and fiber-optic Internet are not available since there usually is not a dense enough population to justify the costs of establishing these types of broadband connections. Therefore, satellite Internet is often the only option for homeowners that live in remote areas and want to avoid the frustration associated with dial-up. There are both pros and cons to home satellite Internet, and it can help to keep both in mind when deciding whether switching to satellite is a good choice.

Pros of Home Satellite Internet

Following are some of the main advantages to using home satellite Internet:

  • Speed: satellite Internet access is much faster than dial-up (can be up to 100 times the speed) and allows you to have high-speed Internet access anywhere you live.
  • Available anywhere: no matter where you are, satellite Internet access is always an option if you want an alternative to dial-up.
  • Does not require an additional phone line: a satellite Internet connection does not require you to have an additional phone line like dial-up does and does not tie up your existing phone line.

Cons of Home Satellite Internet

Following are some of the cons of using home satellite Internet:

  • Price: satellite Internet connections are usually much more expensive monthly than other types of broadband Internet, as you must typically put down a large deposit and pay a professional technician to install the necessary equipment.
  • Limited bandwidth: most satellite Internet providers limit the amount of bandwidth you can use in a specified interval, such as per day, week, or month. If you exceed this download limit, your access speed drops to its minimum value, which is usually as slow as dial-up.
  • Bad weather can disrupt the signal: bad weather can disrupt your satellite signal, which can cause your computer’s connection to drop during bad weather. This is also known as rain fade.

Home satellite Internet is an excellent option for people that live in remote areas and want the benefits that accompany high-speed Internet. While there are some disadvantages to satellite Internet access, avoiding the frustrations of dial-up Internet can make obtaining Internet via satellite worthwhile.

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