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Using Prepaid Internet Access Cards

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In this age of high speed Internet access, it might seem counterintuitive to opt for prepaid Internet access cards that offer dial up speed. However, for many customers, prepaid Internet access cards serve a specific need.

Reasons to Use Prepaid Internet Access Cards

Some customers are on a strict budget, and signing up for a prepaid amount of minutes allows them to manage their expenses easily. Prepaid Internet access cards are also great for customers who use the Internet infrequently, perhaps to check their email or download some files once a week or several times a month. This way, they only pay for what they use. Other customers may use prepaid Internet access cards as a backup, for when broadband is unavailable or out of service.

Many business travelers need Internet access for basic needs, like sending emails or downloading a presentation. They may not feel secure sending data on an open Wi-Fi network. Alternatively, their hotels’ broadband Internet access may not be working or is simply too expensive. Prepaid Internet access cards allow business travelers to have Internet access without signing up for a monthly contract. They simply pay for what they use, and their unused minutes can be stored for their next trip.

How These Cards Work

Customers will need a 56K modem and landline phone service in order to connect to their computer to the Internet. Most prepaid Internet access providers use an accelerator. This accelerator reduces the amount of data in pictures and text so websites download faster.

Prepaid Internet access cards work like regular calling cards. Customers are charged per a minute, sometimes with extra setup fees. Per minute rates in the continental US are usually lower, while rates for other countries are a higher. Customers can buy more minutes when their time is close to running out. Most cards can be recharged online or by phone. Some prepaid Internet access cards also allow customers to roll over unused minutes for the next month.

Although some providers still sell installation CDs in store locations, this option is less common. Most ISPs want customers to download their software directly from their websites. Often times, this software includes all local area and toll free access numbers, and it can also bill and keep track of time. Many ISPs also allow customers to enter the local access number into their computer’s network settings to avoid using ISP’s software.

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