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Get a 3G Internet Access Card for Your Laptop

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Why 3G?

The 3G mobile network is commonly used in North America. Most wireless users utilize the wireless 3G network for use with their smartphones. Customers mainly use broadband 3G service to browse the Internet, watch videos, check email, obtain intranet access, download software and other useful functions.

For business people and other travelers on the go, using a laptop with a wireless 3G Internet access card can be convenient. Travelers can use their laptops to get on the Internet anywhere a 3G network signal is available if they sign up for data service.

Choosing a 3G Internet Access Card

A 3G Internet access card is also called an aircard, broadband card or laptop card. All laptop cards are plug and play devices, meaning customers just plug in the device and then it is ready for setup.

Most 3G cards have warranties for 1 to 2 years, depending on the manufacturer. Prices can range from $49.99 to $400, depending on the model. Most 3G laptop cards are compatible various operating systems, but always check before buying.

Many laptop cards are multiband, which means they can also work on older mobile networks like GSM for connectivity even when 3G service is not available. Some newer 3G Internet access card models also support 4G networks, where available.

USB Laptop Cards

The most common type 3G Internet access card has an adapter than connects to the USB port. A USB laptop card can then be rotated upwards to conserve space. Many basic models of USB laptop cards are often quite inexpensive to buy, and they provide easy, portable Internet access.

ExpressCard Laptop Cards

Another newer and more expensive type of 3G Internet access card uses the ExpressCard standard. This standard was developed by technology companies so computer hardware can be used interchangeably on many computer systems.

This type of 3G Internet access card is slimmer, but not all older laptops have the right sized slot for it. The ExpressCard standard design is more compact and sturdy than a USB laptop card.

This type of 3G internet access card usually has more features, like a built in wireless antenna. This smart antenna technology can help increase speed and range of the 3G wireless service.

Pick a Wireless Data Provider

In order to use a 3G Internet access card, customers need to pick a wireless data plan. Most wireless providers offer either monthly contracts or prepaid plans. Compare both options before choosing, and be aware of any limits on downloads and speed. Many wireless providers offer discounted or free equipment for new customers who sign a long term contract.

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