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Interior Design Themes

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Do you have a particular look in mind for your home? Are you into Art Deco, or perhaps something more old-fashioned? Choosing interior design themes for your home can be difficult, as it makes a very strong statement about who you are. The most important thing is to make sure it’s something you really love.

Choosing Your Theme

Most people choose their interior design themes based on personal tastes or life experiences or memories. Design inspiration might come from a certain style in a magazine or on TV or in a friend’s home that you see and fall in love with. Perhaps a wonderful trip to Italy has turned you on to all things Tuscan. Or maybe you’ve fallen in love with a certain part of the world, such as India or Japan, through a good book or an interest in its history. No matter your design inspiration, you can go with one of many recognized interior design themes or choose something you love, such as the ocean, and create your room design around that theme.

Incorporating Your Theme

Once you decide on one of the many interior design themes you have to choose from, you can either go for it and redo the room, or simply begin to incorporate accessories around that theme. For instance, if you have a boy in the house who really loves soccer, you could either completely redo his room, painting big soccer goals on the walls or choosing a black, white, and green color scheme, or you might find some simpler accessories to incorporate into the existing design theme, such as a soccer-shaped lamp to hang from the ceiling or some soccer-themed sheets.

Likewise, you might completely remodel your living room around a recently purchased Mission style couch and matching end tables, adding faux wooden beams to the wall and installing wide-planked wooden floors. Or you might simply add a Tiffany-style lamp or paint the walls Southwestern-themed colors to create that Mission style look.

Sometimes, the hardest part about interior design is finding interior design themes that fit your style and vision. Design inspiration can come from so many different places in your day-to-day experience that all you need do is keep your eyes open for what appeals to you. Then you’ll end up with a design theme in your home that truly reflects you.

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