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What are Typical Interior Design Fees?

Interior Design and Decor
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There are a few ways to calculate interior design fees but you must realize that like any other specialty field, the fees among the professionals will vary greatly. Each interior designer will charge according to their years and scope of experience as well as their reputation. A little known but very capable designer will charge far less than one who has become popular after completing a large or prestigious project resulting in developing a following. Though there really is no ‘typical’ fee, there is indeed a norm in the methods used to calculate interior design fees.

Interior Design Fees: Counting the Cost

The interior designer may offer a flat or fixed fee in which the cost of the entire planned project will be quoted excepting reimbursement to the designer for the expenses of materials and furnishings. This flat fee will be determined by an estimation of time it will take the designer to complete the job and the extent of the work involved.

Having the designer purchase materials and furnishings actually creates a savings for you and is referred to as ‘cost plus’. The designer buys items at wholesale or discount cost and then charges you a percentage over his or her expense for those items. That percentage covers the designer’s time and efforts and is generally agreed upon at the start of your project and written is in your contract.

Another way of computing interior design fees is the hourly fee which is simply paying the designer a set rate per hour of work on your project. The hourly rate comes into play for the initial consultation and at other consultation points of the project. Often a cap is placed on this hourly rate limiting how high it can go and this should also be agreed upon within your contract.

Fitting Interior Design Fees into your Budget

Before starting your redesign, coming up with a budget that suits your abilities and specific needs is a must. A reputable interior designer will tell you up front if what you propose is possible within the limits of your budget and will give you a fair quote utilizing the hourly, fixed, and cost plus fees. There should never be any hidden costs or surprises when it comes to interior design fees.


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