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Interior Decorating Training

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It is much easier to obtain interior decorator training than what is required for an interior designer. Unlike interior design, there is no formal educational training required in order to pursue an interior decorating career. So how can an interior decorator get started in the field?

  1. Interior decorators can call themselves interior decorators at any time because no formal training or licensure is required. Thus, if someone possesses a knack for decorating, they are free to use the term interior decorator and market themselves accordingly.
  2. Though not required, interior decorator training classes are available to students. There are a number of online, correspondence and classes at local colleges, universities and trade schools available to individuals who would like to pursue a more formal education in interior decorating.
  3. The vast majority of interior decorators receive on the job training to earn their experience. These individuals work with established interior decorators to gain hands-on experience and build their own portfolios and reputations.

While not mandatory, classes or certification may be quite useful for interior decorators looking to establish themselves in the profession. A formal degree/certificate could provide new decorators with an edge over those without one, and could be especially useful to self-employed decorators. Training typically encompasses providing students with ample opportunities to build their portfolios through projects, and often matches students to professional decorators as interns, or even junior employees. This provides students with hands-on training and can help put students on the “map” as decorators.

Given that interior decorating and design fields are projected to experience continued growth due to various new facilities required to house and serve the aging populations and the revamping of the hospitality industry, interior decorators should work towards continuing to acquire new skills and professional experience.

The current average salary for an interior decorator is $37,000 to $45,000 annually, dependent on whether self-employed or employed by a decorating firm. However, decorators with more experience, and those geographically located in areas with higher incomes can expect to earn more. Additionally, decorators who research current trends and keep an eye on issues important to their clients, like green-living, should expect to attract a significant amount of business.

Though professional interior decorator training is not required, an interior decorator should consider taking advantage of whatever opportunities are available in order to be most marketable. Due to the fact that an interior decorators’ income is typically directly related to experience, talent and niche, training through whatever method desired may help an interior decorator grow their client-base.

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