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Interior Decorating Ideas

Interior Design and Decor
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Want to learn about some interior decorating ideas that can help you transform a space in a mere weekend? Here are five quick tips for creating a new look on the fly.

  1. Paint or refinish furniture. Some of the most interesting, durable pieces of furniture are older or true antiques. It would be a shame not to try to reuse and recycle old furniture into useful pieces. A fresh coat of paint on the outside, or stripping the furniture down and refinishing it in a new shade can completely revitalize a room. One of the trends is to paint the inside of a cabinet, bookcase, hutch, or armoire to create a fresh updated look.
  2. Change hardware. Changing the hardware on everything from kitchen cabinets to dressers can completely transform the look and feel of a room. It's an easy way to bring an out of date room into the current era. Prices for new hardware range greatly, so you're sure to find something spectacular for any budget.
  3. Reupholster. When a favorite piece of furniture is about to lose its stuffing, slipcovers will simply not do. Consider reupholstering the piece instead of replacing it to save some bucks. Reupholsters can be expensive, depending on the amount of work involved. However, if you're handy, consider doing-it-yourself. If the furniture is a focal point, consider the fabric carefully when replacing. It should suit your decoration vision, wear well, and match the room.
  4. Add area rugs. Area rugs are a very inexpensive way to update a space. Rugs can create a cozy atmosphere or a focal point. Best of all, it's not as permanent as carpet, so feel free to change things up as frequently as you want.
  5. Switch out curtains. There are many ways to cover windows. Curtains, drapes, blinds and shades can all be utilized. Season and climate should be considered when making selections. However, it's always a great idea to mix it up a little. Replace drapes with wooden blinds and sheers, or window shades for a new look.

A weekend is more than enough time to give your space a little TLC and/or some much needed CPR. There are dozens of ways to quickly transform your space with treasures that will make your home everything you want it to be. If you're handy with a sewing machine the possibilities are limitless. However, if you're not particularly handy, there are still some great ways to create magic using interior decorating ideas and a little bit of time.

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