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Interior Decor Tips

Interior Design and Decor
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You've found the perfect space, in the best location, but now you have to put your own stamp on it. There are many things to consider when decorating a home. Will new furniture blend seamlessly with old faves? Will the space be balanced? How much will it all cost? It's a big job, but with the following six interior decor tips, it could be a fun and much easier one too.

Research the styles and trends to determine your own style before getting started. Browse through magazines, visit home shows, wander through furniture stores and surf the internet to get a feel for what is available, how much items cost and the best locations to secure your decor. The initial research could save you big bucks and will guarantee you end up with exactly what you want.

Establish a budget from the get-go and don't deviate from the plan. Shop for the most furniture you can purchase within your budget. There is always a more expensive piece available. The key is to find the highest quality decor you can afford, but don't go cheap. Why waste money on an inexpensive piece of furniture with little longevity, when it will only have to be replaced? Even if a little saving is necessary initially, double the inexpensive cost could yield a better quality, more affordable, longer lasting piece.

Lay out the floor plan for each space to be decorated, using computer software or paper and pencil. It's important to remember to locate doors, closets, cabinets, windows, outlets, cabinets, and any fixed items in the space, like heating vents and fireplaces. Each element in the room will impact the design and can cause major headaches if overlooked.

Determine room function prior to selecting the decor. If choosing decor for the entire house, determine the use of every room and each area within the room. Once the floor plan has been drawn, determine the needs of each inhabitant and lay out room use. The room off of the kitchen could be a laundry room, or a neat little office near the heart of the home, or both. However, until all of the needs and possibilities are explored, decor purchases could be premature.

Size up the room for your decor. There's nothing worse than a too small room crammed with furniture, or a large room so empty that it echoes. Using the floor plan, play with the room a little. Using dimensions of potential purchases lay out the furniture, taking care to plan traffic patterns for flow and leave sufficient room to access any fixed items. This is the perfect opportunity to get a realistic sneak peek at your home while choosing your house decor, before actually spending a dime.

Let bygones - be gone if you don't love them. If starting from scratch don't clutter your space and definitely do not allow any items in the room you don't positively adore. There's no room for 'maybe' purchases and your final look should be a total reflection of the user/owner.

Interior decor tips can be used to help demystify the decor process. It's all about style – yours! Have fun with your decor and don't be afraid to make it as unique as you want.

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