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Insurance Claim Trends

Car Insurance
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Car insurance claim trends are identified by insurance companies who pool their data to determine which claims are being made most frequently. These claim trends can be used by customers to help determine what type of accidents or damages are most likely to occur to their vehicles, so they can both know what what to watch out for while driving and know what types of coverage to buy.

Insurance Claim Trends

Esurance Insights publishes data on popular insurance claim trends, giving customers the information they need. According to their data, the following are the most frequent claims identified as insurance claim trends:

  • Rear end collisions: If you hit someone from the back, you are automatically at fault for the accident and liable for damages. If someone hits your back end, the same is true. Minimize your risk of rear ending another car by refraining from driving too close and by paying careful attention to what the car in front of you is doing.
  • Soft Tissue Damage: Soft tissue injuries, including whip lash and muscle strain, are the most common medical liability claims insurance companies pay out. Since this type of injury is most common in rear end collisions, there is a correlation between this trend and the top trend.
  • Windshield Damage: Windshields are usually damaged when rocks hit them. A windshield replacement is a common claim, but be aware that most insurance companies will waive your deductible if you want to get the cracks filled in. Services are able to do this, especially if the crack is smaller than a dollar bill and not directly in your line of vision, and this can save time, money and hassle.
  • Theft: Stolen cars also top the list for common theft complaints. Certain cars are more susceptible to being stolen than others due to their higher black market value; if you have a car highly prized by car thieves, you may pay for it in the form of increased premiums. Stereos also top the list for theft claims. Not all comprehensive insurance policies cover stereos or other sound equipment, however, so make sure you check your policy to determine if you need supplemental coverage to protect your sound system.
  • Vandalism: Keyed cars tops the list for vandalism claims.

Understanding the car insurance claim trends can help you determine what behavior to avoid- such as tailgating- and what types of coverage you need- such as comprehensive coverage that includes your stereo. You can find up-to-date insurance claim trend data from numerous sources online, and it is a good idea to check this data periodically.

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