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Inground Pool Maintenance

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Putting an in-ground swimming pool in your back yard is a big investment. If you choose to get an in-ground pool you will want to make sure it does not fall into any sort of disrepair. In-ground pool maintenance is a constant chore, but it will ensure that your swimming pool looks clean and clear and is safe for your family to enjoy. Circulation, filtration and chlorination are a few important pool maintenance steps that work together to keep your pool in pristine condition.


Using a swimming pool pump to thoroughly circulate the water is one component of good in-ground swimming pool maintenance. Water circulation forces all the water to run through the filter and distributes chlorine and other chemicals throughout the pool. If the water is stagnant, algae have a much easier time taking hold on the floor and walls of your pool. Once algae are in your pool, it causes discoloration of your water and additional time and expense to remove it.


Another big part of in-ground pool maintenance is filtration. The pool water runs through a pool filter where particles and debris are trapped and removed from the water. Along with just making your swimming pool look much cleaner and more appealing, pool filtration also removes the food source for certain insects, which then become food for more harmful insects. Cartridge filters are highly effective and easy to clean. Diatomaceous earth filters are also very effective. Sand filters don’t filter particles as small as cartridge and DE filters can, but they are still quality products.


Keeping the right amount of chlorine in your pool is important for killing off harmful bacteria that can get in the water. Chlorine tablets and granular chlorine are the two most common forms of pool chlorine, as well as the most cost-effective and easiest to use.

Super-chlorination, also referred to as shocking your pool, should be done once a week as part of your in-ground pool maintenance routine, more if you have heavy pool usage or recent rain. Shocking and super-chlorinating are important because they remove ammonia from your water, which will render your chlorine ineffective at killing off the bacteria.

Circulation, filtration and chlorination all work together to keep your swimming pool looking great and safe for use. This simple in-ground swimming pool maintenance regimen will help you and your family get the most enjoyment out of your swimming pool.

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