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Inground Hot Tubs Are Perfect For Landscaping

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If you’re looking for a luxurious way to relax that will fit perfectly in your backyard, look no further than inground hot tubs. As the name suggests, inground hot tubs are installed right into the ground of your backyard or the floor of your home. While this does make installation take longer than a portable spa, it also makes it easier to landscape your yard to match the spa.

There are a number of advantages to inground hot tubs. The first is ease of access – you can simply step in and out of your spa without worrying about steps. Because most of the mechanics and plumbing are buried and out of the way of the elements, they tend to be more durable. Like inground swimming pools, inground spas are also far more customizable than portable or above-ground models. They also tend to be more energy-efficient, as they lose less heat than portable models.

Installing inground hot tubs is a big undertaking, and you’ll only want to do it once, so make sure you develop a good plan ahead of time. You can do a quick sketch with some graph paper and a pencil, or you can use professional landscaping software. It doesn’t matter what method so long as it meets two criteria – that it’s accurate, and that it’s final. While you can rearrange some landscaping features if you need to, you’re going to want your inground spa to go in right the first time.

Inground hot tubs are popular companions for inground swimming pools, so if you want the one, consider installing the other at the same time. You’ll only have to dig up the backyard once, and you’ll likely save money by having the plumbing and wiring for both systems installed at the same time. If you want your hot tub to use a detached pump house, you might be able to fit the pool’s pump in the same unit, which is another way to save valuable backyard real estate.

There are a variety of options for decorating the area around your hot tub – gravel paths, screens for privacy or decoration, tile or hardwood decking, you name it. As long as you plan ahead, you can’t go wrong. Inground hot tubs are the perfect excuse to design the backyard you’ve always wanted.

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