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Improper Waste Disposal Consequences

Garbage and Recycling
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Most people know that certain types of waste need to be disposed of in specific ways, in order to keep from contaminating the environment through improper waste disposal. Taking old paint to the hazardous facility, keeping recyclables out of the trash, and various other rules of disposal are all designed as a form of protection for the world around you. However, not everyone realizes the major consequences that can come from disregarding these rules. Everyone slips at one time or another and disposes of waste in an irresponsible way, but once you’re aware of what improper waste disposal can do – and once you realize the scope of the problem if everyone in the world keeps slipping once or twice – you’ll probably pay a lot more attention to the issue.

Improper Waste Disposal Consequences

You remember campaigns in grade school about littering? Waste that’s not properly disposed of can be ugly.Here are just a few side effects of improper waste disposal:

  • Litter can pose a threat to the health and well being of various animals: the stories about fish stuck in six-pack rings that blew into the water aren’t fictions.
  • Hazardous waste, if dumped into the environment, leeches into the ground – and the ground water. The ground water is used for lots of things you may not realize, including watering the local fields, which grow the food people eat. Oh, and most communities get their drinking water from down there, too.
  • As some waste decomposes, it releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The earth has more than enough of those already.

Are you getting the idea? Waste disposal procedures exist because people have realized that certain types of waste can do damage if they’re just thrown anywhere. The system of waste disposal was developed through lots of research, and is carefully planned to funnel waste into various places, and through various disposal methods, in order to ensure the safety and health of humans as well as the planet. The problem is that this carefully planned system doesn’t work if people don’t participate in it; when you dispose of your waste, you’re the first step in the chain. if you do it properly, the waste goes on to its safe destination. If you don’t – or if anyone else along the chain doesn’t – do it right, the waste gets sent off into places where it can do plenty of damage.

If you have questions about proper waste disposal, ask. If you don’t know how to sort your recyclables, or if you’re unsure what to do with old drywall, call around to local disposal facilities to find the answers. These may seem like small things, but if you let them slip – and everyone else lets them slip – they can quickly turn into big problems.

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