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New Ideas For Home Decorating

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Interior decorating follows the trends of the fashion world, so it is ever-changing and there are always new ideas for home decorating. However, like fashion, those in the know will realize that home decorating trends are just as cyclical. Check out five new ideas for home decorating:

  1. Affixing chair rails in a room serves a dual purpose. First, chair rails installed at the correct height saves wall paint from getting ruined, because chair rails provide a buffer between the chair and the walls. Second, chair rails are available in many different patterns. When finished or painted, chair rails can dramatically change the look of a room with very little effort or money.
  2. Ottomans aren't just for feet anymore! Ottomans come in various heights, widths, and shapes, and are often hollow to accommodate items for storage. These little (and sometimes quite large) gems, make interesting tables and can provide a room with color, patterns or texture to bring decor together. But if you need to put feet up, you still can.
  3. Your own wall art is a great way to unleash your artistic side, and create a unique display in your home. The possibilities are endless, from paintings, portraits, murals, etc. In a child's room, let them create their own art, or paint a wall in the room with chalkboard paint and let them create an original each day.
  4. In small living rooms, space can be maximized by using two loveseats instead of the traditional sofa and loveseat. Small tables and an assortment of chairs can also be used to create a more eclectic look in a room. In larger spaces, select seating that suits the use of the room. Modular seating, coupled with chairs could be perfect in a large space. Don't limit decorating to trends and tradition.
  5. Use a durable sofa as a substitute for chairs on one side of the table, along with a table at the appropriate height. You'll gain at least one additional seat, and a great deal more comfort if the right sofa is selected.

You don't have to rely on traditional decorating standards and ideas. Incorporate some of the new ideas for home decorating to create a look that will make a statement, serve a purpose and look fantastic.

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