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How to Order Pay-Per-View

Television Services
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Learning how to order pay-per-view is a simple process. Whether you subscribe to cable or satellite TV, you have several convenient ways to access individual new movie releases, sporting events and other programming that appeals to you. Keep reading to learn how to order pay-per-view through your TV, phone and Internet.

Remote Control Pay-Per-View Orders

For many, the option of ordering pay-per-view programs directly via the TV screen is the most convenient option. While different service providers may require slightly different ordering procedures, the general process involves using your television remote to open up your on-screen digital programming guide. Then, by navigating to the pay-per-view section, you can browse available titles to be ordered. Once you have found a title you are interested in, you can then select the program, which should bring up an ordering form. This form will guide you through the rest of the ordering procedure, and should only take a minute or two to complete.

It should be noted that satellite subscribers might need to have their set-top box connected to a phone line in order to be able to purchase pay-per-view via television.

Phone Pay-Per-View Orders

If your satellite TV is not connected to a phone line, then using the phone to place a pay-per-view order may be the best option for you. For maximum convenience, use your TV and remote control to find the program you are interested in. Upon viewing the details of this program, your provider should include a toll-free number that you can call for ordering purposes. Once you have located the correct number, simply call it and follow the automated instructions to complete your order.

Internet Pay-Per-View Orders

The Internet is another great way to order pay-per-view programming. It can be especially helpful if you are interested in purchasing a program several days in advance. To do so, visit your provider's website and find the link to pay-per-view programming. Here, you can sign in with your account and browse available current and future titles. Once you have found the program you are interested in, a few clicks of the mouse should be all it takes to order the program.

Paying for Pay-Per-View

In general, you need not worry about making an instant payment when ordering pay-per-view. This is because pay-per-view purchases are typically just added to your monthly subscription bill. This consolidation of payments is just one more reason that pay-per-view is so incredibly convenient.

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