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How to Kill Wasps

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Wasps are a common problem that many households face. These pests build their nests in the eaves and crawl spaces of homes. Since they’re daytime creatures, you’ll see most of these insects in the daylight. However, in the evening they will return to their nest. This is the best time to eliminate the problem. Here’s how to kill wasps.

Locate the Nest
The first step in killing wasps is locating the nest. This can be accomplished by finding a wasp and following it back to the nest. You’ll be most successful finding a nest in the evening when most of the wasps are returning for the day. Common places where wasps build their nests are crawl spaces and under the eaves of your home.

Wear Thick Clothing
Before you eliminate the nest, make sure to dress for the occasion. Wear thick clothes including pants, socks and shoes. Sweats that have stretchy cuffs at the bottom keep wasps from flying up your pants. Also, wear a mask and thick protective gloves to protect your face and hands.

Using Pesticide Spray
A common way to kill wasps is using a pesticide spray which can be purchased at your local home improvement store. The best time to spray is in the evening when wasps are moving much slower.

Use a large stick to knock down the nest. Then spray a thick coating of pesticide directly onto the nest and surrounding areas. When spraying the pesticide, wasps may fly out of the nest; don’t be alarmed just keep your distance.

You’ll also want to search the area for “escapees,” and spray these wasps individually. And just to be safe, spray the nest the next evening to ensure all of the wasps are gone.

Get Rid of the Nest
Once you’ve killed the wasps, get rid of the nest to ensure the problem doesn’t reoccur. If the nest is in the ground, fill the area in with dirt. And if the wasps have built a nest on your home, get the necessary repairs completed.

Get Professional Help to Kill Wasps

Eliminating wasps can be a difficult task. If you have a serious wasp issue, consider contacting professionals to take care of the problem. This will eliminate the pests without the risk of getting stung. Plus, trained technicians have the right equipment to safely get rid of this problem. And they can give you guidance on protecting your home from re-infestation.

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