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How to Install a Shower Curtain Rod

Bathroom Remodeling
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The final step to install a shower curtain is to put up the shower curtain rod. If you are using a spring loaded telescopic rod, you will not need to do exact measurements or put any holes in the wall. Telescopic rods stay in place with tension. You just thread the rod through the curtain rings and then position the rod where you want it to be above the shower.

Then, you twist the rod to lengthen it to the proper length. This can be done by one person, but may be easier with two. A level can help you ensure the shower curtain rod is placed correctly. If the rod is not perpendicular to the wall, it will be more likely to fall later. Also, make sure that the rod fits as tight as possible between the walls to prevent it from falling.

If you use a mounted shower curtain rod, precise measurement will be needed, as this requires you to put holes in your wall. Determine how high you want the rod to be. Keep in mind that the shower curtain should hang no less than a few inches from the top edge of the tub.

Next, mark the height on both walls. Before installing the brackets on the walls, its a good idea to hold the rod up to the markings and use a level to make sure you have marked the right spot. Once you are sure of your markings, you have to screw or nail the brackets to the wall. Be sure to use the proper screws for you wall. Drywall will require anchors. With the brackets mounted, thread the shower curtain onto the rod and fit the rod into the brackets. Voila! The shower curtain is up.

There are several different ways to style your shower curtain. Of course, there is the simple way of just letting it hang, but pull backs can add drama and interest to the bathroom. If you get an extra long shower curtain or sew one yourself to be lengthier than the 72 standard, you will have more material to work with when you style it.

To swag your shower curtain and add some drama to the design, you will need to install a hook on the wall about half way between the shower rod and the floor or even a little bit lower. Using a coordinating rope or fabric tie, gather the fabric to one side and wrap the tie around it and tie a loose knot. Secure the tie to the hook. You may have to fluff up the curtain a little bit to get the look you desire. You can either leave the shower liner hanging open along the shower, or you can hide it behind the shower curtain and only pull it out when you need it to bathe. You can play with other ways to style a shower curtain as well.

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