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Find a Good Car Dealership

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To find a car dealership you are comfortable working with may be the single most important step of any vehicle purchase process. Protecting yourself by finding the dependable, fair and honest car dealerships is as important as choosing the right vehicle. There are a number of responsible Web sites that rate auto dealers throughout the nation on a wide variety of criteria, and it's as easy as typing in the dealership's name at any major search engine to find reviews, ratings, complaints and more. Don't just rely on the information you find on their own website or the smooth sales pitch of a good car salesman.

Take Used Cars to a Mechanic First
Used car buying is a major purchase and trust is essential, particularly if you're buying a pre-owned car or anything less than factory direct. Some car dealerships have earned a reputation for dirty tricks, particularly if they are trying to sell a used vehicle that has been in a wreck or suffered poor maintenance or rough treatment throughout its lifetime. For this reason, it's important to get any used vehicle you're considering checked out by a mechanic you trust before you purchase it.

Where to Find Information About Local Car Dealerships
Every car dealership will give you their pitch and tell you they are the best, so you're better off checking out their reputations from former and current customers. Although many car dealerships are responsible businesses with sound customer service, it's not unusual for find those that invest thousands of dollars in marketing campaigns designed to offset a bad reputation.

Check with the Better Business Bureau and check local Web forums to find reports that can help you determine a car dealership's reputation. The BBB has reports and ratings on car dealerships and different automobiles as well. You may be surprised to find that your auto insurance agent has some insight about local car dealers also. And, of course, you can find information about local car dealerships, including customer reviews right here at

If you have decided on a specific make of car, it's a good idea to research the price, incentives, financing and service at several dealerships that sell that model so you can compare apples to apples. This is also helpful information when you're negotiating since some car dealerships offer to match or beat anyone else's price.

The car dealerships that maintain high standards survive the test of time, and experience counts in this business. If you want to get a great price and avoid the kind of unsavory tactics that can cost you money and headaches, find a car dealership whose name and brand have been around and earned a respected place in your community.

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