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How to Check Internet Bandwidth

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Do you know how to check internet bandwidth? Most internet provider services advertise a specific bandwidth speed, which is the speed at which your computer should upload and download data as it navigates the Internet. The faster the speed, the more expensive the service may be. In fact, some companies even offer different tiers of service depending on how fast you need your data to travel and how much you’re willing to pay. So, it’s understandable that you might want to check your bandwidth speed and see if you’re actually getting what you should be out of it.

How to Check Internet Bandwidth: Two Easy Ways

There are two simple ways to check your internet bandwidth, and the first is built right into your computer. You should navigate to your computer’s networking control area to do this; if you’re working in Windows, it’s a matter of choosing “Network Connections” from the Control Panel. Other systems may have a different location for this information, but in general, look for the area in your system where you go to connect to a wireless network, or where you might go to troubleshoot your internet connection if it wasn’t working properly. You want to be able to view your connection within the operating system, and see any details there might be listed about it. Your bandwidth speed for both uploads and downloads may be located in these screens.

Another way to check bandwidth, and a way that’s a bit more common and well-known, is to simply check it using a free online tool. Go to any search engine and search “internet bandwidth speed check” or a similar phrase, and you’ll find countless websites that offer free testers to show you your speed for uploads and downloads. Most of these testers will run short checks and tests on your system; they should not require any major downloads, or even signing up, in order to operate. Click around until you find one that seems secure and suits your needs. In fact, for best results, you should try to find up to three different sites and run tests on all three, to ensure that the information you’re getting back is reliable. If you get three different responses on your bandwidth speed, you can either average them or go looking for more reliable testers, but the majority of the free testers online should be able to give you an extremely accurate number.

Whether you’re curious, or just want to know if you’re getting your money’s worth, finding a way to check bandwidth speed is easy. Knowing how to check internet bandwidth lets you stay informed as to what service you’re actually getting versus what you’re paying to get.

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