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Storage Space: How Much Do You Need?

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Selecting the appropriately sized storage space for your needs isn't always easy; after all, if you reserve a unit that is too small everything might not fit. Too large and you end up paying more than necessary. Learn how to reserve the right sized storage space for your household with these suggested sizes:

  • Super Small Sized Units or mini storage, begin at 25 square feet or roughly 5 x 5. A 25-square foot storage space roughly equals one standard sized room of furniture, office supplies or storage shed.
  • Small Sized Storage Units begin at 50-square feet or roughly a 5 x 10 foot storage unit. A 50 square foot storage space roughly equals two normal-sized children's bedrooms.
  • Medium Sized Storage Units begin at 100-square feet of storage or roughly a 10 x 10 foot storage space. A 100 foot storage unit roughly equals one larger sized family room or enough furniture to fill a small apartment.
  • Medium Large Sized Storage Units begin at 150-square feet or roughly a 10 x 15 foot storage space. A 150 foot storage unit can typically hold the contents of a small 2 bedroom home or larger/standard sized apartment.
  • Large Sized Storage Units begin at 250-square feet or roughly a 10 x 25 foot storage unit. A 250 foot storage space is usually able to store the contents of a typical home.
  • Extra Large Sized Storage Units are those consisting of 300-square foot or more of storage space or roughly a 10 x 30 foot space. A 300 foot storage space is typically able to hold the content of a larger home or a averaged-sized home along with garage and/or shed content.

Remember, fine furnishings, antiques or other delicate items may require more space since they cannot be easily stacked. And you may also need climate controlled storage for those items. It's often necessary to stand some items upright or take other steps to protect them from heavy weight, pressure, stains or other hazards.

You may also require additional storage space for sensitive items due to larger-than-average packing. For example, while a fine painting may initially appear as though it would require little space, the protective crate surrounding the canvas may actually require substantially more space than you originally anticipate. Finally, don't forget the contents of sheds, barns and out-buildings. They are often bulky and may require additional storage space in addition to the regular contents of your home.

Always reserve a little more space than expected to compensate for last minute changes, forgotten items and packing materials. Here's more storage rental advice to help you select the right kind of storage.

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