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How Long Does it Take to Move?

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We live in an age when homeowners are switching abodes faster than ever, and that means many thousands of people come online looking for good moving and storage information each month. Countless checklists and tips exist for anyone planning a switch, but what such resources often do not address is the most basic question of all: how long does it take to move, and when should you begin the planning process?

The short answer is: now. If you've never been through this process before, you may find yourself astonished at the sheer number of logistical concerns that go into moving and storage — enough to fill full shelves worth of moving books. Take comfort, however — if you stay ahead of schedule, you can usually get everything taken care of in under a month. One key is having talented moving and storage experts to help you throughout.

The timeline for switching homes varies from individual to individual, but a common thread is taking care of truly essential items as early as possible. From bank and IRS statements through covering your health needs and educational registrations, it's important to get paperwork done as quickly as possible. Moving and storage companies will usually provide you lists that come with good information, but you may need to look up issues such as business licenses and other miscellany on your own.

Once the day arrives, the process may still not be complete. This is okay! Moving and storage companies are well aware that many people take weeks and even months to fully move in to their new homes, which is why so many of them provide the "storage" part of the moving and storage equation as well. From keeping furniture in escrow to secreting family valuables, many of the top businesses offer climate control and outstanding security for your peace of mind.

Do some homework, ask questions and be sure to avail yourself of the best online resources. Often a little looking and research can help you nail down a moving and storage estimate that comes complete with timeline, budget and exceptional customer care.

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