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What to Know About House Wiring

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House wiring is the process of equipping your home with the electrical wires and connections you need. House wiring encompasses everything from the wiring used to install the chandelier on your ceiling to the wiring needed to plug in your coffee maker or the wiring needed to run power to your central air conditioner. Whether you are building a new house or renovating an older and existing house, it is important to understand some basic concepts about house wiring.

Things to Know About House Wiring

The first and most important factor to know about house wiring is that the electrical wiring from your home must be connected to existing power lines so you are able to get power. If you are building a new home in a development, this is usually not a problem and is relatively straightforward, as the builders who have secured the building lot usually have already secured the necessary permits and arrangements to have your home wiring connected to a power source with the town. However, if you are buying in the country, or buying an undeveloped raw plot of land that is not yet approved as a building lot, you will need to ensure the availability of an electrical hookup and speak to the town and/or county about what you need to get your house wiring hooked up to a source power line.

Another important thing to know about house wiring is that there are stringent electrical and safety codes that apply when installing house wiring. A layperson generally should not try to to do any house wiring himself. Not only is there a possibility of electrocution from improperly handling wires, or causing a fire because the wires are not properly installed, but there is also the chance that the town or county will not approve your electrical installation and you will then need to have the electrical work that you have done taken out and installed by a licensed professional. Rather than try to do house wiring yourself, contact an electrician and ensure he is licensed by the state early in the building process.

Create a careful house wiring plan with your builder. Know and understand where you want to put light fixtures, and where you need electrical outlets to plug things in. It is easier to ensure you have sufficient electrical outlets early in the house wiring process than it is to add one later, so plan ahead about how you plan to use your home.

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