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House Repaint Tips

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The house repaint is a moderate-level task and won't require a lot of fancy tools. You can save a significant amount of money by doing this job yourself, but you need to make sure your up for the job, both in terms of skills and your physical condition. Be sure to do the best job you can when re-painting the home: A good paint job will last longer, saving you the money, time and labor or having to do it again too soon.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Be sure to first load up on supplies, which include but are not limited to caulk, primer, paint and paint brushes, masking tape, and protective gear.
  • When shopping for supplies, be sure to invest in a high quality of paint. Because of weather conditions, you don't want to deal with wear and tear. High quality paint will pay for itself because it also covers the exterior of your home much easier than inexpensive paint.
  • You can either roll or spray when doing the house repaint. You may want to consider renting an airless sprayer, but be careful as these are powerful devices. Don't skimp on purchasing brushes or rollers.
  • Take the adequate time to prepare for this massive job, even if it takes a couple of days.
  • Make sure any damaged areas are repaired by caulking any cracks or damage. If there's excessive crackling you may want to consider replacement siding. See if the peeling is removed after the cleaning process before considering this step.
  • Scrape of power wash your home before the house repaint
  • Section off the parts that aren't meant to be painted with masking tape.
  • Treat the house with primer before painting. Follow all manufacturer's instructions to the letter to prevent a bad paint job.
  • Practice safety by wearing protective gear when painting your home.
  • Paint at the top, then work your way down. Paint along the wood's grain.
  • Be sure to dispose of paint properly after the house repaint. Latex paint can be thrown in the regular trash if it is first solidified. If you have dangerous paint you need to dispose of, check with your local solid waste management company to see if there is an organized pick-up program. Alternatively, find another use for the paint.

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