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Hiring a House Maid Service

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A house maid service can be a big help when you're overloaded with work or charity commitments. Just having someone to take care of the simple stuff, like dusting and vacuuming is a big relief for most busy professionals. Before you welcome a stranger into your home, though, take the time to be sure you're making the best choice.

Tips for Hiring a House Maid Service

Insist that any domestic workers you hire be bonded and insured. This will usually limit you to an agency placement, but paying a little more is worth it. Otherwise you may be liable for any injury or losses incurred. Although your homeowner's insurance may handle it, don't take the chance.

Get references. Most maid services worth their letterhead stationery can offer references, or better, have great word of mouth buzz going for them. Prefer companies that are on the grid in a big way and have been in business for a while.

Check with the Better Business Bureau. If there have been complaints and problems, chances are one or more of them have been registered with the Better Business Bureau in your area. Before you sign up, do your homework and check the company out thoroughly.

Know what you're getting. It always pays to read the fine print before you sign up. Some agencies expect you to supply cleaning materials, while others include them in the price. Some agencies provide equipment, like a vacuum cleaner, and others assume the maid will be using yours (which might be fine if you have a vacuum). The best way to avoid unhappy surprises is to read all the details before signing up.

Be clear about your needs. If you sign up for a straightforward once-a-week cleaning and keep adding extra chores to the roster, expect problems. The best way to have a good relationship with your cleaning service is to take the time to recognize what you want and be very specific about your needs going in.

Monitor the service. Take the time to monitor the service in the beginning so you have a baseline to compare future visits to. If cleaning your home starts taking half the time it used to, there's something wrong somewhere.

A house maid service can be a big boon when you're stressed and overworked. Just be sure you're choosing the best service for your needs before you sign up.

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