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Seasonal House Decorations

Interior Design and Decor
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Seasonal house decorations are one of the best ways to create a new look without completely overhauling your home. In most cases it's not very expensive either. In order to minimize costs, if you're not seriously into seasonal decorating, leave the decorating to the rooms where company can appreciate it. It'' all about light, color and scents to create the mood of the seasons.


The days are getting longer and sunshine and warmth are a welcome change. After spring cleaning, it's time to put away winter fabrics, open the drapes and embrace the new season. Freshen up paint in key areas; add colorful flowers in pretty vases, bright spring-like pillows, and playful rugs to the rooms. A few key items will do wonders for a home and carry it through the spring.


Update spring decorations and invite in the sun and heat with light fabrics. Replace drapes with lace or sheer curtains, keep fresh flowers and herbs spread throughout the home for delightful fragrances. Bring the outside indoors with sea shells and garden vegetables to create wonderful centerpieces.


When transitioning from summer to fall, take advantage of all of the brilliant colors of fall. Even in warmer climates, you can play homage to the season through the use of rich complementary color. Using various shades of a single color in a room can be just as breathtaking as a incorporating all of autumn's colors in the decor.


Tired of orange decorations for Thanksgiving and red and green for the December holidays? Try incorporating the true colors of the seasons and letting nature provide the palette. For Thanksgiving, while pumpkins are plentiful in the all, so are apples, squash, corn, a wonderful selection of different colored leaves in red, purple, russet, yellow and every shade between. Use fall colors in the décor with fabrics, pretty candles, throw pillows, table runners and bowls of fresh fruit and items like pine cones and acorns. For a pretty centerpiece, select some branches spray paint them in silver or gold and put them in a pretty vase surrounded by candles. If possible place the entire centerpiece on a mirror to really throw off the beautiful candlelight.

For December, add holly, wreaths, holiday lights, ornaments and plenty of crystal and glass to make the home twinkle. It's a magical time of year and decor should reflect it. A holiday home is not complete without the scents of the season. Candles are a great way to infuse the home with wonderful holiday scents, but if not using candles set out a small pot of cider with cinnamon, or oranges and cranberries. With little decorating, candles in the appropriate scent can set the holiday mood.


After all of the holiday decorations are put away, in colder climates, it's all about warmth when it comes to winter decorating. Bring out draperies, warm throws for couches and armchairs, cozy pillows for couches, heavier inviting fabrics for tables, soft subdued floral arrangements throughout the home, fragrant candles in colorful groupings, and settle in.

When deciding to add to seasonal house decorations you'll need a way to keep them all organized. There's nothing worse than knowing you have decorations for a specific season and you can't find them. Designate specific areas for storage and store each season in their own area. Storage containers are a great way to keep items together. For ease, clearly label all seasonal house decorations when putting them away.

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