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Comparing Online Hotels Reviews

Hotels and Travel

Online hotel reviews provide another way for visitors to measure a hotel’s promises and features. Many travelers like having another source of information beyond the hotels’ brochures, websites and photos.

Types of Hotel Reviews Online

Perhaps the most popular hotel review website is TripAdvisor. It offers visitors hotel reviews, and travelers can then book a hotel through another separate vendor. Individual travelers visit hotels and then post reviews and photos online.

Online travel/hotel agencies like Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline, Hotwire and all have their own hotel reviews as well. Some of these online agencies send a hotel survey only after the guest has completed their stay.

Travel information sites like Frommers, Fodors,, Lonely Planet and Rough Guide have reviews from travel writers who write in-depth hotel profiles or reviews. Many times, these sites cannot review all the hotels in every city, so they focus on hotels in major tourist or business destinations. They usually rate hotels by a set standard of criteria.

Travel magazines like Conde’ Nast Traveler, Islands, Travel & Leisure, Coastal Living, National Geographic Traveler and Budget Travel also pick favorite hotels. Often times, these magazines will publish a yearly “Best of” Hotels issue, and they always include a hotel list as part of their feature travel stories.

Subjective Content

Different websites have different philosophies about hotel reviews. Some hotel review websites have an open review policy, which allows anyone to post a review about their hotel experience. Websites with this policy often have lots of individual reviews. However, some users may abuse their reviewing privileges.Some sites have editors or site reviewers to watch out for spam, fake positive or negative reviews, or overly long tirades.

However, some editors may severely edit bad reviews or selective pick only favorable reviews to keep hotel owners and advertisers happy. Also, for travel magazines and information sites, the reviews can be overly subjective since they are normally from only one travel writer/reviewer.

Results of Hotel Reviews

Travelers can often learn about a hotel through these reviews, but they should read between the lines. Many people who have an “average” stay may not review the hotel, but people who had a horrible or fabulous time will probably write a review immediately. Readers should always ask themselves if the reviewer sounds credible. Candid hotel room photos can also be helpful as well.

Hotels can also use online hotel reviews to their advantage. Some hotels monitor reviews online to see what their customers think of them and respond to guests’ reviews. Often times, online hotel reviews can highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of the hotel.

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