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Writing a Great Hotel Review

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There is so much power in having the ability to sway someone to check out your favorite hotels by writing a strong hotel review. You can share your thoughts on hotels all over the world with travelers who have the same mind-frame and expectations as yourself.

By taking the time to weigh in with your feelings and experiences, you can do a great service to your fellow travelers in helping them to pick the best hotel to fulfill their needs.

Here are a few things to guidelines to chew on to make sure everyone will get all they can out of your hotel review!

Be descriptive and concise.

When writing your hotel review, be as detailed, short and to the point as possible. Many people look to the hotel’s website for information and photos of the room you are considering, but many times that is not enough. Use this opportunity to provide information and descriptions about the hotel that the viewers cannot see on the website, such as particulars about the fitness center and the pool.

Also, give a sketch of what you have experienced at that particular hotel by shedding light on the quality of the hotel and services provided by the hotel.

Look credible.

Before posting your review, proofread it to make sure it has proper spelling and is grammatically correct, as looking professional helps people to trust what you are saying. Make sure you are honest in your hotel review and that your review thoroughly reflects your personal experience at the hotel. This is so the person reading your review can build their own expectations of that hotel.

Cover everything that you would want to read in a review.

In your review, include your feelings, experiences and knowledge of the hotel’s location, amenities, and services. Include any information about things surrounding the hotel, such as restaurants, major attractions, beaches, transportation and shuttles. Also include your feelings about the community, particularly the safety.

Another thing to include is the hotel’s check-in process and how the hotel’s staff and management treated you during your stay.

Discussing these particular aspects of your hotel stay in your hotel review not only allows you to express your own personal experience, you get to help others make a decision as to what hotel is best for them!

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