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Elements of a Great Honeymoon Package

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Honeymoon packages are wonderful because they remove the guesswork from the equation. When determining if a honeymoon package fits the bill, look for these elements of a great honeymoon package before making your final decision:

  1. The honeymoon package should be in a location suited to the couple. Many travel agents will ask for your specifications and then research available packages. If your ideal package is in Hawaii, but your dream location is in the Caribbean, then the perfect package may not fit the bill. Or if a romantic adults-only escape is the plan, but a family resort offers an excellent deal, plans may need to be revised. Sometimes a package can seem almost too good to pass up, but then a honeymoon is no time to second guess your decisions. Be clear with your travel agent on things you definitely want, and those items that you might be willing to compromise on.
  2. The honeymoon package should be affordable and suit your budget. If the package is too expensive don’t be shy about asking for a package more in line with your price range, seeing if certain features can be eliminated from the package, or changing the date if that affects the bottom line.
  3. Packages are only as awesome as their contents. If the majority of the offerings do not win you over (a sports package for someone who would prefer to be at the spa, or a romantic package for a couple of adventurists), it may be a waste of money. If working with a travel agent, this is when making all of your hopes, dreams, and desires known (no matter how far-fetched) could work in your favor. It’s your travel agent’s job to try to get all of your wishes packaged up nicely in a deal that suits your budget. So if hot air balloons, surfing, swimming with dolphins, hiking, etc. are elements of your idea of the perfect honeymoon, be sure to let it be known to the person who can make it happen.
  4. Packages can be all-inclusive or not. All-inclusive packages are exactly that, packages which include the theme being touted, along with all taxes, tips, admittance fees, etc. They could even include travel fees like air and/or ground travel, but the key word is could. Honeymooners should be clear on all package perks and know what the costs for excluded items are. True all-inclusive packages can save honeymooners a great deal of money, but extras can add up over the course of a few days.

A great honeymoon package will have specific elements. Be sure to carefully dissect your package to make sure it fits the bill, in order to deliver the honeymoon of your dreams.

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