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How to Home School Your Child

Preschools and Kindergartens

Home school, sometimes called homeschooling, is educating your children at home, where you control their learning environment and what they learn. Home schooling your children is legal in all 50 states in the United States, and in some foreign countries. Every state has different requirements for homeschooling, so you should check for regulations in your area. You may want to home school your children for a variety of reasons, from the environment in public schools, the expense of private education, and better test results in home schooling. Or, you may just want more control over the curriculum your children study. Here's how to home school your children successfully.

Methods and Materials of Home Schooling

Each family develops their own educational methods and materials. You may choose to follow several different types of educational models, including unit studies, the Montessori method, Waldorf education, School-at-home, and many others. You should research the method you prefer and you think will work the best with your children, and talk to educators about what method and materials they prefer. Many families use more than one approach at first to find out what works best for them, and many use more than one approach throughout the experience, especially if they're educating more than one child at home.

Many use a variety of materials for their homeschooling, too. Nearly 80 percent of homeschooling families use materials from public libraries, and over 75 percent use a catalog or book publisher that specializes in homeschooling materials. Many also use materials developed especially for homeschooling and distance education, such as television, the Internet, or specially developed online courses.

Online Home Schooling

If you choose online schooling for your children, you can choose from a wide variety of materials and courses. The advantage of online learning includes specialized training and courses of study, online testing and tutoring, and even technical and occupational training. Your children will have contact with specialized teachers, and scheduling is very flexible, so it fits in with the lifestyle of busy families. They also have access to online tutors, and this is especially valuable for families with children who have disabilities or are unable to travel. There are also programs developed especially for gifted children, as well.

Select the right method and materials, and you should be able to home school your child most effectively.

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