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Home Repair Contractors

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Occasionally, various accidents around the home can leave your in home in need of repair. You may be able to repair some small problems yourself, but for large damage you will need a home repair contractor. There are several different types of home repair contractors, and the amount of damage will determine which type or types of contractors you will need to hire.


A handyman does not specialize in any one particular home repair aspect but has a broad knowledge of several different areas. A handyman is the person you would call if your home sustained small amounts of damage to a few different areas. For example, if the plumbing connections in your dishwasher were faulty and caused a small leak that ruined a few square feet of tile in your kitchen, then you could call a general handyman. He would be able to make the simple plumbing repairs to the dishwasher and also remove and replace the damaged part of your floor.

Specialty Home Repair Contractor

A specialty home repair contractor will work exclusively on one area of your home. For more severe damage to one or two parts of your home that might be too much for a handyman, you can hire one or two specialty contractors. If that leak in the dishwasher was more severe and ruined all the tile flooring in your kitchen and some carpeting in the living room, you might need to hire both a plumber and a flooring specialist.

General contractor

The only time you would need a general contractor for home repairs is if the damage was so extensive that you needed the services of numerous specialty home repair contractors. The general contractor would then be in charge of scheduling all the specialty contractors. If a severe storm caused a tree to fall through the roof above your living room then you would need a general clean-up crew, a roofing specialist, a carpenter, a painter, an electrician and a floor specialist to repair such extensive damage.

Parts of your home will suffer some damage from time to time, and when they do you will need to make the repairs. Knowing exactly what repairs you need will help you select the right home repair contractor for the job and get the best rate.

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