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Easy Home Redecorating

Interior Design and Decor
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If you have been living in the same place for several years, sometimes you need a change to shake things up and keep your decor lively. Experiment with home redecorating to dream up a new style.

Buying Furniture

Quality is important for key pieces of furniture, like your sofa, bed and dining table. Check that any sofa you buy has solid springs and sturdy frame. Peruse online auction websites, boutiques, online furniture stores, big box retailers, antique malls, classified ads, thrift stores, furniture rental companies, small furniture shops, and clearance centers for new and used furniture. If buying used, look at the overall condition of the furniture and what repairs the item needs. If buying new, know that you don’t have to buy the whole showroom. Try out one piece and see how it looks in your home.

Another alternative is to ask your family and friends. Maybe you can trade furniture pieces. That way, both you and your friend can diversify your home redecorating decor without spending any extra cash.

Creating Interest

Every time you walk into a room, you notice some things more than others. One goal of home redecorating is to create a focal point in each room. Create an accent wall by painting your fireplace wall a vivid color. Position a large metal wall art in an elaborate design to add a textural dimension. Even something as mundane as a bookcase can be striking if the design is unusual, like a ladder or open bookcase. You can group items of interest, like wooden masks or red plates, in odd number combinations. It’s helpful if the items are similar in one aspect: color, height, item type, texture, width or shape. This visual similarity makes the collection look cohesive.

Planning Zones

One goal of your home redecorating should be to create specific zones in your home. Look at each room and its functions. Think about the zones you want to create. In living rooms and family rooms, you can make distinct seating zones. Move your sofa and chairs together so people can easily converse. Place in an area rug to anchor this area. Then reposition your coffee tables and add more lighting. These changes will help people navigate the room and add order to your home redecorating décor.

Put together your own office work zone for a teen’s room, home office or library. Organize a space with a study desk, a comfortable chair, desk/floor lamps, storage items, desk accessories and bookcases. Having a dedicated workspace instead of using the kitchen table will improve your concentration. Your office work zone doesn’t need to be a huge. Some people work out of a kitchen nook or small closet. With some planning, you can make not only your office work zone, but your entire home redecorating project a success.


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